Elixir Developer

We're looking for passionate software engineers to join us in a new practice we are incubating in our ecosystem. As a company, we are not dogmatic. We are a team that's constantly learning, adapting and growing. Hence, we are always ahead of the curve in adoption of new and emerging languages, technologies and frameworks. Never resting. And, we're strong believers in Open Source, and have been so for the last decade and more. We believe that if software engineering and sports have a thing or two common, pain and pleasure aside, they are not for quitters. Persistence and patience has been and is part of our DNA. Hence, at a personal level, what we want from you is the same. An insatiable appetite for learning and problem solving, persistence and patience. Not to forget, being a believer and contributor to the community. Simple! Now, coming to what we are recruiting for! We're working on a couple of very interesting products and ideas in some of the hottest growth sectors in the technology space. Technically, our requirements are that you have

  • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Can think about and develop Server Side of Web Applications
  • A reasonable understanding of Database concepts. (We don't expect you to know it all. Then again, we don't want to teach you basics)
  • Experience working with API’s and web services(REST, SOAP, etc)
  • Proficient in Elixir. Knowledge of working with Phoenix is a plus.
Compensation would be as per industry norms. And, exceptions apply for exceptional folk. And lastly, we're a fun lot. We hope you are too ;-)

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