The Challenge

Successful Open Source projects are often a result of vibrant communities. Over the years, Drupal has evolved into one such ecosystem where people “come for the code & stay for the community.”

This contest is about showcasing the Drupal story. In an interactive and visual manner. We are inviting contestants to explore all data provided by at and create interactive visualizations that could throw up interesting insights into the growth and adoption of Drupal over the years.

The winning entrant shall win Royal Enfield Classic* motorcycle.


The API exposes data points through the 'Node API' which provides data about content types like theme, projects, project_issue and distributions. Similarly, the 'User API' provides information about user registrations and details about user. User interactions like comments and when the comments were made can be fetched from the 'Comments API'. We would like you to explore all available APIs and data points for more such details.

For example, a few possible visualizations (and, you need not limit yourself to these alone) could include:

Visualization of the growth and adoption of Drupal across the various countries over the years.
Visualization of the demographies of users on Visualization of user participation and organization of various Drupal Camps over the years.
Visualization of areas of expertise of registered users on
Visualization of the number of case-studies published over time, across geographies on
Visualization of the top one hundred projects by number of downloads.

As mentioned, the above list is merely suggestive of possible visualizations. We would like you to explore more such ideas that could be relevant and meaningful..


Labore et dolore magnam

Automotive Infographic

Labore et dolore magnam

Reimagining Google Analytics

Labore et dolore magnam

Airbnb vs Hotels: A Price Comparison

Labore et dolore magnam

Four Ways to Slice Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal

Labore et dolore magnam

The Facebook Offering: How It Compares

Labore et dolore magnam

The Train Line

Labore et dolore magnam

512 Paths to the White House

Labore et dolore magnam

500 Start ups

Labore et dolore magnam

Across U.S. Companies, Tax Rates Vary Greatly


What will you be judged by?

  1. Visual beauty in structure, appearance & colour
  2. Consistency and accuracy of information
  3. Meaningful & succinct insights that can speak for themselves
  4. Usefulness & relevance of information
  5. Quality of code & related documentation (including installation guidelines if relevant)

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Contest Rules

  1. Entries must be submitted by 8:59 PM IST on Thursday, February 18th (aka 3:29 PM GMT on Thursday, February 18th).
  2. Entries must use the APIs exposed by on
  3. Entries must be interactive Javascript visualizations that can be accessed using popular Web browsers such as Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Static visualizations and infographics shall not qualify.
  4. You can submit any number of visualizations. You can also make more than one submission.
  5. All code and visual assets should be public and hosted on github.
  6. As an entrant, you confirm that your submission does not include any prior derivative works of any third party, does not include any third party licensed content and that does not infringe on any third party intellectual property claim. And, you shall be solely responsible for any such claim made.
  7. All code should be licenced under GNU General Public License, version 2 or later . If you choose to use any libraries that are licensed under other open source licences, please mention the same during your submission. Further, you agree that your submission created for the contest may be used, modified and extended by any individual/organization who may use the same to promote and communicate the growth/adoption of Drupal.
  8. The visualizations should be visible on github projects pages. If you are building an entire app that requires database you can host the instance on your own server and share the link where it can be accessed. However, the entire database dump and related code to make it work should be added to the code repo.
  9. The Panel for judging will include one/two representatives from Azri and two other eminent personalities from Drupal fraternity.
  10. Winner shall assume responsibility for shipping, insurance, road tax and other applicable taxes of the prize (motorcycle). If you are a winner from outside India, you shall further assume responsibility for import duties and compliance with vehicle emission norms as applicable in your country (the vehicle conforms to norms applicable in India).

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